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Welcome to our Yorkie Puppies & Teacup Yorkie Puppies website!

We offer the Best
Yorkie puppies Teacup Yorkie puppies Yorkie puppies for sale Teacup Yorkie puppies for sale and some of the most beautiful

Yorkie Puppies & Teacup Yorkie Puppies you will ever see, the kind of puppies you have been dreaming of.
​Ajjls Yorkies is one of the most
Prestigious Yorkshire Terrier Breeders in the USA!
Call us for the best
​We specialize in Extraordinary Yorkie Puppies for sale 
Teacup Yorkie Puppies for sale, Yorkshire Terrier Puppies for sale.
This is where you find Yorkie Puppies, Teacup Yorkie Puppies Beautiful Baby Doll Faces, Playful Affectionate and Enchanting Personalities.
​We are Professional Yorkie Breeders specializing in catering to our clients to provide you a Yorkie Puppy that will capture your heart with, their loving puppy kisses.
​I am proud to provide my clients with Beautiful, Playful, and Affectionate & Enchanting Yorkie Puppies with a Health Guarantee. 
​Whether you choose a Yorkie Puppy or a Teacup Yorkie Puppy, or one of each, we know they will be a wonderful addition to your life
.We're the Top Yorkie Breeders & Teacup Yorkie Breeders. 

Our adorable Yorkie puppies for sale will mesmerize you with their enchanting personalities. 
​Nationwide Puppy Delivery too !
Watch Live Puppy Web Camera

As a professional Yorkie Breeder I adhere to the AKC Yorkshire Terrier Breed Standard. This assures you that all my Yorkie Puppies for sale are correct.
​We can back up that with our Veterinary References and our Client References.
​You will find them here for your use.
Your Search for a Puppy has landed you here on our Yorkie Breeder website where we have lots of interesting information for you as professional Teacup Yorkie Breeders.

Toy Puppies for sale are our specialty. Toy Puppies fall into the 5 to 7 lb size range when full grown adults. Toy Puppies will be playful, affectionate and inquisitive. These Puppies are delightful to watch as they play and learn new games to play or master a new trick. We also recommend you visit a Veterinarian before you purchase a Puppy and have them examined to make sure they are healthy before you turn over your hard earned money.If a Breeder won't let you get the puppy examined then they may be hiding a flaw or health issue. We're the Breeders with adorable Toy Yorkie Puppies for sale Click here.

Yorkshire Terrier Puppies for sale near you can be a very difficult thing to find unless you know what to look for. The American Kennel Club has set a Standard for the Yorkshire Terrier breed. We are proud to say that each Yorkshire Terrier we breed creates our superior Yorkshire Terrier Puppies for sale and that each one has the correct structure, correct coat color, correct sizes, not to mention that our Yorkshire Terrier Puppies for sale have bright eyes and outstanding personalities and temperaments. All our Yorkshire Terrier Puppies for sale are raised in our home. The Puppies for sale are delightful and enchanting, come visit and our adult Yorkshire Terriers and their puppies for sale. You will see what makes us better than all the other Yorkshire Terrier Breeders. We're the Yorkie Breeders with Yorkshire Terrier Puppies for sale Click here.

There is no separate breed as: Teacup.
​I use the term for search results but truly the Yorkshire Terrier breed standard is up to 7 lbs, ​
​Teacup Puppies do not exist!

Teacup Yorkie Puppies for Sale, Yorkie Puppy, Puppy Dogs, Teacup Puppies, Teacup Yorkies for Sale, Micro Yorkie Puppies, Teacup Yorkie Puppies, Tiny Teacup, are just some of the terms used by both people searching for small Puppies for sale..

I am a reputable Breeder and I use the term so clients can find me during their search for Puppies for sale. I have been a Yorkshire Terrier Breeder for over 22 years and have participated (and won) many AKC dog shows, but even I a professional Yorkie Breeder knows that I must do everything I can to get found on the internet. So while other Breeders are using the term Teacup to try to trick you into thinking they have "teacup Puppies" I am using it and saying that.

Click here for our Teacup Yorkie Puppies for sale.

How do I groom a dog? How do I groom my puppy? How do I give a dog a bath? How do I bath my puppy? What kind of Shampoo do I use on my puppy? How do I trim toenails? How do I trim my dogs toenails? How do I trim my dogs hair? How do I give my dog a haircut? How often do I give my dog a bath? How do I wash my dog? We're the Breeders that give you answers click here.

Yorkie Breeder & Yorkshire Terrier Breeder should be willing to answer all your questions without hesitation. A Breeder should be willing to show you the parents of the puppies for sale. They will know health issues about the breed. A great breeder will invite you to visit in person and proudly show you what sets them apart from a puppy mill or inferior breeder.I have more information on choosing a Yorkshire Terrier Breeder here for you.As a Prestigious Breeder I am available to my clients for as long as they need my advice. I take being a Professional Yorkshire Terrier Breeder very seriously and I know that the puppies for sale I offer will be a member cherished of your family. Please come and visit and see what sets us apart and why we are the best Breeders for you. We're have some answers and more here.
Yorkshire Terrier's are as different from one another as people are and have different personalities and temperaments. Even puppies in the same litter can be completely different from each other. One puppy can be bold, one can be shy, one can be adventurous, while one is more cautious, one can like to play and another want to be held. One thing for sure is that a Yorkshire Terrier Puppy is amazing. Each Puppy is known for being: 
  • Intelligent & Alert
  • Energetic & Determined
  • Affectionate & Cuddly
  • ​Proud & Happy
  • Completely Enchanting​
We know how important everything is because it all contribute to their personalities and temperaments. This is why we raise them in our home. Why we have them born and sleep in baby cribs. 
​Come visit us and see why we're the Best! 
​Read more about Puppy Personalities and Temperament
  • How big will my puppy be?
  • How big will my dog be?
  • How much will my puppy weigh?
  • How much will my dog weigh?
  • What size is my puppy?
  • What size is my Yorkie Puppy going to be?
  • What size is my Yorkie?
  • How big will my Yorkie Puppy get?
    ​We give you the answers Click here.

​Puppy care and how do I care for a puppy?

How do I care for a Yorkie?

How do I take care of a Puppy?

What do I need for my puppy?

What bed does my puppy need?

What food does my puppy eat?

What piddle pads does puppy use?

What dishes does my puppy need?

What Bed is best for my puppy?

Do I need a exercise pen?

Do I need a collar for my puppy?

Where should my puppy sleep?

How many hours can I leave my puppy alone?

What do I do if my puppy cry's at night?

Does my puppy need clothes in the winter?

What does my puppy need to be safe outside?

As Professional and experienced Yorkie Breeders we have some of the answers Click here.

Is it important socialization my puppy? How do I socialize my puppy? How do I socialize my dog?
How does the breeder socialize the puppy?
Does my puppy need a friend? Is my dog lonely?
Does my puppy need to go to training classes?
Does my puppy need to go to a dog park?
How do I introduce my puppy to children?
How do I introduce my puppy to my other pets? Should I take my puppy for walks? 
​We give you answers Click here.

What dog food do I feed my dog?

What puppy food do I feed my puppy?

How much food does my puppy eat?  

How does puppy food affect Cognitive Function?

Does the dog food puppy food support the immune system in my puppy?

It the dog food easy to digest?

Is the puppy food easy to digest?

We're the Yorkshire Terrier Breeders that give you answers Click here.

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