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Find Yorkie Puppies Ohio Find Teacup Yorkie Puppies Ohio Find Yorkshire Terriers Ohio Yorkie Breeders Ohio Find Beautiful Affectionate Playful Yorkie Puppies Here AJJLS has Yorkie puppies for sale in Ohio. Even though Teacup aren’t considered to be a breed of their own, they have still capture our heart

So now you’ve got your heart set on a Teacup Yorkie Puppy. Ajjls Yorkies wants to help you make this dream come true. All of our puppies are from prestigious championship bloodlines and pedigrees and come with a written health guarantee. Because we want to ensure that our puppies are healthy, we also provide a veterinary examination.  At this time, all of AJJLS Yorkies & Maltese receive two or more sets of vaccinations, three worming treatments, as well as their initial flea, tick, and heart-worm treatment.
Because our Teacup Yorkie Puppies for saleOhio may be taking his or her first journey to its’ new home, we send our puppies off with a starter kit. Our kit includes Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier Puppy 29 food, a baby blanket for comfort, as well as a baby pacifier for teething and play time. All of these items can help ease a puppy’s transition from our home to yours. Since many of our Clients come from all over Ohio, we offer Teacup Yorkie Puppies For Sale Columbus Ohio. We are also the featured in Cleveland Ohio. We offer delivery to Cincinnati and every city in Ohio. So why would you ever Buy your New Teacup Puppy from anyone other than, Ajjls Yorkies & Maltese, the Number One Breeders in Ohio website.  Purchase with confidence.
We want you to know that when you buy a teacup yorkie puppy in Ohio from AJJLS, his/her health is guaranteed. We have included a “Health Guarantee” with each Yorkie puppy we sell. We have over 23 years of breeding teacup yorkie puppies experience. We bring that experience into each breeding we do. We match up the dams and sires to obtain the best  puppies into the world. This means that with our attention to every moment of the teacup yorkie puppies for sale Ohio lives from the moment of birth, you receive the highest quality pups. We touch the puppies every day from the top on their heads to the tip of their tails. They then are never afraid of people and being touched. So, if your little child comes to touch the inside of their ears ( and you know little kids touch every inch of puppies) the puppies never have a adverse reaction to touch. This is just one way, we are the Best Puppies in Ohio. We're the Top Yorkie breeders you will ever find. You want to know more.. O.K. I can give you more reasons you want your new Puppy from us..... We kiss the puppies every day too. So why is this important? It is important because, a  puppy know that this is the feeling of being told they are loved. That builds their self confidence and thus they are a happier puppy. This is also wonderful for initializing a bond between a person and the puppy. The bonding process is the number one experience for the pup and it's new owners. They need to have the ability to bond so they can be open to all the new things that will happen when they come to live with you. Experiences like sniffing to figure out where all the good toy are at that they hid.  This is a important learning experience, not to mention, adorable! Because when they find the hidden toy, no matter how familiar they are with the toy, it is like it is brand new to them! They also need to learn new games like help me fold the laundry. No I am actually saying they learn new things from you because they want to please you. Basically without this skill, they might not ever learn to be house trained. Call me and visit the Teacups and I can elaborate on all the stepping stones in their development. Not to mention fun things too like, They love to jump into the warm fluffy towels.  I have tons of things I can tell you about pertaining to Teacup Maltese Puppies, so come visit me and meet the them... We have lots of fun and interesting things we can show you, you are guaranteed to fall in love with all of them.  We welcome any phone calls regarding our Yorkie puppies for sale in Ohio. We feel confident that we are one of the best Yorkie Breeders in Ohio and the country.

Amy & Lee of Ajjls Yorkie are Top AKC Yorkie Breeders & Teacup Yorkie Breeders that Provide Personal Teacup Yorkie Puppies & Yorkie Puppies Delivery Service to:

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